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Online Classes

Online classes:

We have our own channel called www.zoom.usIt was accessed via  , download is recommended. The application works perfectly well on both mobile and desktop.
All guests with a valid reservation will receive an access ID for the given hour by email.also video help to enter ››, but if you can't enter, call Endré: 06306686661

The reservation and the participation fee must be received 3 hours before the start of the class in order to receive the code on time. 

You can register for evening classes until 16:00 on the given day
We send out the login codes for the evening classes every day at 16:30

You can register for the morning and morning classes until 9:00 p.m. the night before the class, and the access codes for the morning and morning classes will be sent out at 9:30 p.m.

Participation fee / Passes:
HUF 1500/person/occasion​

Payment options: PayPal or bank transfer

In case of bank transfer, the amount must arrive 3 hours before the start of the class on the given day. To the next invoice:
11702074-21451841 OTP Aerial Yoga Hungary
Notice: name+class type+date (eg: Little Rita yoga wheel 03.18.)

In the case of bank transfer, we always ask for the billing name and address by email!


Class types and booking:

You can make a reservation for the lessons via the website under the reservation menu, in all cases it is mandatory to make a reservation, because the login link will be sent to the person who booked and paid for the lesson.
Of course, there is no additional fee, but please cancel if you do not participate in the session so that we can prepare with exercises suitable for the given number of people.

What if you paid for a session but didn't join?
Unfortunately, we can't do anything with this, we can't offer a refund or use it for another class. Therefore, please only apply if you are going to join!
By sending the reservation, you acknowledge the participation conditions and rules for online classes.


Pilates Core & Stretching


Power Yoga Beauty Core


Full Body


Stretching MIX


Contact Yoga
For couples


Hatha Core Yoga 90'


Ground Acrobatics


Acrobatic Yoga Wheel


Aerial Yoga


Aerial Fitness

Our other watch types

Which class should I choose?



for beginners

Aerial Yoga, Air Yoga

Air Yoga Trunk Stabilizer

Yoga Trapeze & Yoga Wheel

Aerial Spine Yoga
Yoga wheel
Aerial Ballet
Power Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Aerial Fitness and Silk for beginners

Aerial FLOW

Aerial Silk Beginner

Aerial Fitness Beginner

Aerial Mixed class

Acrobatic Yoga Wheel
Ground acrobatics

For Intermediate and Advanced levels

Aerial FLOW

Aerial Fitness is advanced

Aerial Silk is advanced

Aerial Mixed class

Aerial Fitness advanced preparation

Aerial Fitness middle

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