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AIR Yoga - Aerial Yoga


TheAir Yogaor by another nameAerial Yogain our classes, we perform the exercises in the air using a suspended yoga hammock (a yoga device similar to a hammock). The device is a heavy-duty, yet flexible silk or synthetic fiber material that serves as support and helps increase flexibility. It helps us perform exercises that we could not yet perform on our own due to our physical limitations. Thanks to aerial yoga exercises, efficiency increases both in terms of strength and flexibility. 



Basic physiological effects of aerial yoga:

  • Develops the ability to meditate and concentrate,

  • It improves health and strengthens the immune system

  • It reduces stress, anxiety and increases self-confidence,

  • Develops strength endurance and  flexibility

  • It reduces back pain and the harmful effects of sedentary work

  • It increases the flexibility of the body and increases the flexibility of the spine


What are the benefits of Aerial Yoga?

  • Thanks to the hammock, i.e. the suspension of the body, the load on the skeletal muscles, bones and joints is reduced. In this way, we can perform muscle work more safely and without strain for each part of the body.

  • Recommended for our customers with spine problems  as the safety provided by the relief and suspension gives adequate stability.

  • The so-called inverted poses and asanas, which in the case of other types of yoga can only be performed by those at an advanced level, play a large role.


What are the effects of the inverted poses offered by Air Yoga?

  • Without exception, various yoga books emphasize the positive physiological effects of inverted poses. The headstand is considered the king of asanas, while the candle is considered its queen. It is true for all inverse positions that when they are practiced, the blood supply of the whole body changes, the circulation changes. They mainly attribute their vitalizing effect to this factor. The inversion also relieves the burden on the heart, and the blood flowing to the head also has a beneficial effect.

  • Take advantage of gravity, which brings more oxygen and blood to the head and improves brain function, concentration, memory and processing power.

  • Strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases: The lymphatic system plays a key role in maintaining health. As the lymph flows through our body, it collects toxins and bacteria, which are destroyed in the lymph nodes. Since lymph moves due to muscle tension and gravity, inverted poses facilitate the flow of lymph to the respiratory system, through which many pathogens enter our body.

  • It literally gives you a new perspective: As we get used to reacting to our world in a predictable way, inversions metaphorically teach us that we can always approach a situation, person or problem from a different perspective.

  • Inversion entertains: The inverted poses bring us into contact with our inner child and remind us that although yoga requires a deep, contemplative "effort" in many ways, asana practice is also a time for fun and play!


Who is it recommended for?
A form of exercise recommended for both beginners and advanced users, which can also be tried by people with spinal disorders!

(We welcome those interested from the age of 7!)


Recommended clothing:

long or 3/4 pants

minimum short-sleeved T-shirt, recommended long-sleeved top

sandals or non-slip socks, yoga shoes


Structure of the watch:

60 minutes:

Hammock settings
5-10 warm-up, tuning

45 minute aerial yoga series

5-10 minutes of relaxation

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