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House rules - Aerial Yoga Hungary

The policy, valid and to be observed at both locations: Last update: 03.01.2023.

Aerial Yoga Hungary
Dorottya Lara Gulyás is an individual entrepreneur
1074 Budapest Dohány utca 28. fsz 10/a


Aerial Sports Academy
Endre Kónya is an individual entrepreneur
1031 Budapest
Károly Torma u 23.



Aerial Yoga Hungary 1061 Bp. Bajcsy Zsilinszky út 31.
Aerial Sports Academy 1074 Bp. Dohány utca 28.

Covid19 rules:

According to the current government decree, studios can be visited without a protection card!

We warmly welcome everyone! 

However, we would like to draw attention to the fact that season ticket extensions, refunds and other season ticket-related modifications are not possible in connection with covid vaccination/non-vaccination or closure, neither now nor in the future! 


Buy a pass if you take these factors into account, consider it the next time you buy a pass, buy a day ticket instead.

We cannot accept complaints or requests in this regard. In the event of a possible mandatory closure, the passes are automatically frozen and we act in accordance with the current government decree that applies to us. 


This year, we also offer the following option to regular season ticket guests:

- 1x pass extension for 1 week per year

- 3x cancellations free of charge within 24 hours

This can be requested at any time, the girls at the reception will help, it is only for our guests with a season ticket.

Use of your own towel, as it has always been mandatory!

Hand disinfection and hand washing upon arrival, before/after classes

Disinfection of the tools used in class

Come to the classes only in good health, if you know that you might be contagious, inform the studio if you attended a class before that.

Compliance with house rules

The Studio uses a UVC bright air purifier!


Please consult your doctor before starting the aerial yoga and aerial gymnastics classes, and then fill out our health and general consent form at the same time as booking.


Entry for male guests:
Our male guests can join our classes and sessions with a female escort or by prior recommendation. When booking for the first time, please indicate the name of the escort or recommender in the comments section. We also welcome male guests to the classes, as aerial yoga and other versions are excellent forms of exercise for both sexes, but for aerial gymnastics classes: Aerial Fitness, Silk, etc. we are not in a position to admit strange men. Our personal safety and the safety of our female guests come first. As a private institution, we reserve the right to admit to the classes whom we deem suitable based on our own rules, and only those who have prior valid registration can participate in the classes. We can refuse to participate in the class without any particular reason. Carefully read the description of the class types so that you can register for the class that suits your level. If you can't decide which class to start with, we can help! As a beginner, please do not come to an advanced class.


Book an appointment:
You can only take part in the yoga class after logging into the online reservation system, the number of places is limited, please let us know in time if you cannot show up at the booked time. Classes are only held if guests are logged in to the online system. Please provide your contact information during registration so that we can notify you in the event of a schedule change. If for some reason you can't log in there, write an email, message on Facebook or send an SMS!


For group bookings canceled within 24 hours, we charge a booking cancellation fee of HUF 2000, which must be settled within 5 working days. In the case of personal training or physiotherapy treatments, 50% of the amount of the individual session must be paid as an additional fee, which must be settled within 5 working days.

Prices and Payment options:
60-minute basic lessons are HUF 3,000/person, 90-minute lessons are HUF 4,000/person, in addition to 60-minute passes: 90-minute lessons require an additional ticket, which is HUF 1,000/person! and in the case of online classes, bank transfer to the bank account number specified in the confirmation email.
In the Bajcsy Zsilinszky út studio, it is also possible to pay by SZÉP card: MKB, OTP, K&H


Passes are valid at both locations.
Passes are valid for 6 weeks from the date of commencement.
Passes cannot be extended, so plan so that you can use them within the expiration date!
With a monthly unlimited pass, all classes can be visited without an additional ticket, valid for 30 days from the day of purchase, you can come with it for one hour a day, each additional class can be visited on the given day with an additional ticket of 1000 HUF. 
We are unable to extend passes or refund money

Arrival Departure:

  • Fill out our health and general consent form for the first time, otherwise participation in the class is not possible!

  • Inform the instructor at the beginning of the class if you have any injuries or illnesses! Please arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before the aerial yoga and aerial gymnastics classes start.

  • Anyone who is more than 5 minutes late to class will not be allowed to attend.
    (If you need to leave the class early, let the instructor know in advance, choose a seat near the door, or leave before the start of relaxation, without disturbing the others. Please refrain from saying goodbye loudly.)

  • Please take off your shoes after entering, feel free to choose slippers. While the previous class lasts, please wait patiently in the forecourt!

  • During aerial yoga and aerial gymnastics, please also talk quietly in the corridor.

  • Please change in the changing room and leave your coat and bag in the changing room.
    We are not responsible for the valuables left in the lockers, please bring more valuables into the room.
    After the class, please leave order and cleanliness in the dressing room as well, do not leave your trash in the dressing box or on top of the wardrobe.
    Please put your dressing box back in its place. Clothes left here, etc. we keep it in the box in the dressing room until the end of the month, and then dispose of it.

Food/Beverage consumption:
It is not advisable to eat or drink before or during the class, but it is very important to replace the liquid afterwards. You will find dextrose in the room, use it if necessary, remember that even a grain of dextrose is a huge dose of sugar ;)

Bare feet (or in aerial yoga class: socks), Comfortable long or 3/4 pants, short or long-sleeved t-shirt, or gym suit Clothing should have a smooth surface, no zips or other protruding accessories that could tear the hammock, Necklace, bracelet , wearing a ring is FORBIDDEN and dangerous! Piercings that can get caught in the hammock or long, pointed artificial nails exclude participation in the class

Please wash your hands before you start using the equipment, remove make-up if possible, you will find a make-up remover above the washroom in the restroom. If necessary, please clean your soles with the disinfecting spray that can be used for this purpose, especially in the summer when you arrive in slippers.
You can also find it in the restroom above the sink.
During yoga classes, for safety and health reasons, it is mandatory to cover the mattress with your own towel or carpet, and refresh the hammocks with a textile refresher and disinfecting spray. You will find sanitary napkins and tampons in the toilet compartment in the compartment designed for this purpose, please do not throw the used ones in the toilet, please put them in the bin provided for this purpose. If you sweat on your mattress, clean it after class and roll it up dry and put it in the mattress holder box. Please, if you have sweated in your hammock, freshen up after class with the provided textile refreshment.

Do not place anything on or in front of the heaters, as they will malfunction! Please do not lean against the mirrors and avoid excessive swinging in the direction of the mirror when performing the exercises. Please take care of the tools, equipment, games, others also use this :)

Hammock settings:
Hanging, tying, or untying the hammocks is strictly FORBIDDEN except for the instructor and the reception girls! The instructor sets up the hammock for everyone at the beginning of the lesson. This happens approximately 5 minutes during the lesson

Course of class:
In the aerial yoga and aerial gymnastics class, everyone must follow the instructor's instructions and refrain from behavior and expressions that disturb others.
It cannot deviate from the course of the lesson, please do not do exercises that you have invented, if you want to do an exercise that is not part of the tasks of the lesson, show it to the instructor at the beginning of the lesson and then he will include it in the lesson. Otherwise, the instructor may ask you to leave!
Take care of the health of yourself and your companions!
If you need extra help in one of the poses, let the instructor know!
You participate in the class at your own risk, so listen to your body's signals and make yourself aware that you can stop to rest at any time.

Photography/Video recording:
Please don't take photos during classes, put your phone away and turn it down, turn off the vibration mode as well, because it will disturb the course of the class. After relaxation, you will have the opportunity to take a photo at the end of the class. During the aerial gymnastics classes, the instructor takes a photo of everyone, which we upload after the class to the Aerial Yoga Hungary Club members group, if you really want to, you can also take a few pictures, but remember that you originally came to do sports ;)
If you want to take a video or picture with your own phone, ask permission from the instructor and inform the attendees. 

More suitable workshops:
If we announce a workshop consisting of several sessions, e.g. 4 are suitable, this means that applicants must attend all 4 sessions. If you cannot attend all 4 sessions, please let us know in advance by email, and if the workshop is not filled with participants , who can participate on all 4 occasions, we will enter you.


Protect yourself:

Aerial Yoga Hungary and Aerial Sports Aacdemy are our own brands and have trademark protection in Hungary, as do the related sub-brand programs and events.
Unauthorized copying or handing over of lessons, lesson sessions, texts, descriptions, programs, and events on the website in whole or in part to third parties, taking photos and videos without permission and handing them over to third parties is strictly FORBIDDEN!

Thank You! #hangout with us!
Aerial Girls

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