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Bachelorette party / HEN Party

Do you want to give the celebrated person and the team a lasting experience? Are you out of ideas? Are you looking for a shared experience for a bachelorette party with the girls?


We are waiting for you in the heart of the city center with our unique hen party program. We know from experience that this surprise always comes in as it is great fun in addition to the constructive power of the community. Based on your request, we will learn a music-dance choreography to the celebrated's favorite music, and then at the end of the 60-120 minute workshop, we will record it on video, which we will edit and send to you, so it will surely remain an eternal memory. 


We put together the class according to your fitness level, so you don't have to be afraid if the pull-ups or the asparagus don't work :)


60-120 minute workshops:

From basic aerial yoga classes to aerial dance 4-5 minute musical choreography (we will make a film about it)

Please come to the bachelorette party in comfortable sportswear, clothes with hanging buckles and no zippers, thank you!

Allowed number of people: 5-15 people

Available options:
60-minute Air Yoga HUF 4,000/person

90-minute Aerial class (with two devices Aerial Silk and Hammock or Karika) HUF 5,000/person

90-minute Aerial Dance HUF 5,000/person
(Participants can learn musical choreography, which will be made into a short film

Available dates:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday all day: 07:00-21:00
When booking an appointment, a HUF 10,000 deposit is payable

(When organizing the program, it is worth considering that the consumption of alcohol and other mind-altering substances is strictly FORBIDDEN at least 4 hours before the start of the class!)

For a taste, a video or two about similar programs:

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