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Students learn how to use the hammock for acrobatic-style balancing and from beginner to advanced flips & tricks. Expect to be challenged to build all-around strength and increase flexibility.

Beginner classes are designed to familiarize students with the building blocks of an Aerial Yoga practice. Students will learn how to balance using the fabric as support, flip and trick in the air, 

In these sessions we practice those asanas which learned on Air Yoga classes. Build a series of exercises and practice sets of asanas and pose combinations that come from aerial silk/tissue.

This class is available for those who are on an advanced level.


Its physiological effects are similar to those of AIR Yoga, supplemented with:

  • burn fat like any fitness session

  • develops coordination and flexibility

  • it is more effective in strengthening deep muscles, core muscles

  • stress-releasing effect

  • increase in self-confidence

What to wear?
Recommended to wear a long sleeve t-shirt, long or 3/4-inch pants that are not loose.
Zip-lock and other protruding decorations free, so as not to damage the hammock.
Please make sure you are not wearing any jewelry during the class!
Be barefoot.
Bring water and towels with you.

These classes are not suitable for people who have the following conditions:• epilepsy• high blood pressure• cataracts• hemophilia If you have any other disease or injury we have to know about please tell as. Then we can be sure that we give you the right exercises. There is no problem to join the class when you're on your period. This class especially made for you! We warmly welcome you to our class. At the first time, please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier.

Reception:+36 30 424 02 42


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16:00 - 20:30

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