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Yoga Wheel - Yoga wheel

Yoga Wheel is a modern movement system, which includes prevention and rehabilitation. With the help of the wheel, we safely restore and strengthen the entire physical body and the nervous system.
With exercise sequences based on basic anatomical movements, where the focus is on preserving and restoring the flexibility of the spine!
We develop the sense of balance and movement coordination.

The exercises of the yoga wheel twist, bend and bend the spine forwards, sideways and backwards, as in traditional floor yoga, so it moves it in all directions in balance. In addition to all this, the wheel provides support, which not only protects us from injuries, but also has a number of positive effects:

With its help, we move the joints between the vertebrae and relax the muscles that tend to shorten around the pelvis and shoulder girdle.

The static and dynamic versions of poses covering a wide range of motion help metabolism, circulation, and preservation of myofascial flexibility for the whole body.
It strengthens the deep muscles, develops the sense of balance and the nervous system. 
It enhances the stretching effect, helps you to get deeper into a pose.

Helps to regenerate muscles:
Similarly to the SMR roller, (SMR i.e. Self Myofascia Release) is the name of a compression, self-massage procedure: In Hungarian, it means self-massage and loosening of the muscle wrap, with the help of a roller, in this case the wheel.

By massaging, muscle tension and spasms can be released, reducing the chance of injury and helping the regeneration process. This process is also carried out while using the yoga wheel.


In contrast to traditional floor yoga, thanks to the support provided by the yoga wheel, even the more difficult advanced level asanas can be performed safely even for beginners.

In addition, the Yoga wheel is an excellent addition to our aerobics classes, but it is also perfectly suited for strengthening and safely stretching the spine and trunk muscles. It develops a sense of balance, movement coordination, helps you relax and immerse yourself in a pose.


The device itself is available in several sizes: heavy-duty plastic with a diameter of 15, 25, 32 and 45 cm, covered with soft rubber or foam.

Clock structure:

We use a mixture of static and dynamic stretches in class:

We start the class with dynamic stretches, on the one hand, they help you tune in, they are not boring and, from a functional point of view, they are much more suitable for preparing sports performance and preventing injuries during sports. It helps  to learn the pace of correct breathing.

In static stretching, we usually focus on one muscle, entering a static position for 15-20 seconds, , that is, we hold the given asanas, for transitional exercises, we perform dynamic stretching exercises while moving, always coordinating the work of several muscles, and also strengthening and as a combination of stretching movements.

They not only stretch the muscles, but also initiate neuromuscular (nerve-muscle) connections, improve balance and coordination. 


We close the class with relaxation, in which we also use the yoga wheels.


Duration: 60 minutes

In the classes we expect:
- the beginners, 
- guests with neck and back pain
(The classes can also be attended in case of cervical and spinal hernia) 
- who want to increase their flexibility
- who are looking for preventive training for their spine
- both advanced and extreme pose lovers

And everyone who would like to try something new!


The Yoga Wheel cannot be used in the following cases:

- osteoporosis, - high blood pressure disease (Blood pressure adjusted with medication is not considered a disqualifying reason. ) - if you are taking anticoagulants, - if someone has serious varicose vein problems (deep vein dilatation) - pregnancy The device must be used with extreme caution in the elderly!

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