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Aerial maternity yoga

Képernyőfotó 2020-02-17 -

Aerial maternity yoga is actually a flow class, i.e. a kind of flow, all movements are soft and undulating. All yoga exercises are properly modified so that they can be performed comfortably and safely even with a large belly. With the exception of trunk strengthening exercises, we hold few poses statically, light flow movements come to the fore, so that the expectant mother does not overload herself in any way, and the circulation of the pie can remain continuous.

Breathing exercises help to develop correct breathing, which is essential not only for the mother, but also for the baby. In addition, the expectant mother learns special breathing techniques that she will be able to use effectively during labor and delivery.

We pay special attention to strengthening the barrier muscles, which area is exposed to increased stress during pregnancy. In addition to the internal organs, these muscles also support the baby's weight during this period. That's why we strengthen the barrier region every hour with proper breathing in a special way. The trained, strong perineal muscle expands more during labor and regenerates faster after childbirth, and the perineal incision can also be avoided.

STRUCTURE AND PROCEDURE OF THE CLASS: We use the hammock at knee height, we use yoga bricks, pillows or yoga wheels as accessories. we solve with breathing and relaxation exercises. In the middle part of the lesson, we do barrier muscle exercises. Afterwards, we finish with relaxation lying in the hammock.

Relaxation at the end of the class helps you to relax and deepen with the help of a rocking movement. In this rest without sleep, the expectant mother, in addition to consciously relaxing her body and mind, connects with her baby on a mental level. The blessed state makes women particularly open to the practice of relaxation and meditation, as during these nine months they instinctively turn inward - towards themselves and the baby.




We welcome all expectant mothers who have reached the 12th week of pregnancy to the maternity yoga sessions, if they are not prohibited from exercise by their doctor, even if they have not done any form of exercise before. The practice can be safely continued until the 40th week (until delivery).

Physical effects: Pleasantly moves, stretches the body parts, relaxes, opens the hips (which is essential for childbirth) and energizes the whole body. It increases blood circulation, starts the energy flows, balances the blood pressure, improves the condition, thereby improving the feeling of well-being, the complaints often associated with pregnancy go away: e.g. back and waist pain, shortness of breath, dehydration, joint pain, cramps In addition to the positive physical changes, yoga teaches the expectant mother to observe the vibrations of her body, the so-called sensations, so she experiences her whole life more consciously, and this knowledge will also help her during childbirth. Relaxation, swinging and other relaxing techniques have a beneficial effect on the soul. It's not just our physical bodies that become more flexible. Inverse exercises dissolve possible fears and emotional blocks. Pregnant women thus more easily go through the physical and mental changes they experience in their new state. Experience proves that those who practice yoga regularly during pregnancy give birth easily, quickly, and most of the time naturally, experiencing the arrival of their baby as a life-changing experience. And those babies who have already practiced yoga in the womb have been proven by research to be more intelligent, their movements develop faster than average, and they have no learning difficulties. Their nervous system develops faster and better already in their mother's womb, because all the mental and nervous system-harmonizing exercises experienced by the mother have a positive effect on the fetus as well.


Every Wednesday 17:00 mixed group II. and III. trimester

What do you bring with you?
Comfortable clothes,
clothing without zips or other protruding accessories
Bare feet or yoga shoes Water, towel

When booking an appointment, look for aerial yoga classes!

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