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Kontakt Yoga-not just for couples

Would you like to do yoga with your partner in your home? Here's your chance! :)
Equipment required: yoga mat and companion
Home aids: not required
Duration: 90 minutes

It is based on the foundations of hatha yoga, which in itself brings a lot of joy to individuals.
However, it can be even more complete if we do the exercises in pairs, or even with our loved one. Of course, this does not mean that contact yoga can only be practiced by couples.
You can join with your brother, mother, father, or even an enthusiastic grandmother :)
Its essence lies in the fact that we can continue to help our training partner and ourselves in the joint postures. From the silence at the beginning of the class, there is continuous contact between the practicing couple. Our attention extends beyond ourselves to our partner, and the breathing of two people is coordinated, and then their movements become one. Therefore, in addition to the fact that the movement and breathing of the two people merge, and the boundaries between them become slightly blurred, as a result of the practice, our ability to create relationships, our communication, our meta-communication and our perception of our environment and our peers are refined.
It is especially recommended for couples, because it helps to get to know and understand our loved one more deeply, as well as mental and verbal dialogue between them. It develops the ability to find common solutions and deal with problems together, which are important pillars in the everyday life of couples.
The good atmosphere of the exercises can be a bright spot in the current situation, and joint activities bring people closer together.

It's not acro yoga, it's hatha contact yoga, but it will have acrobatic elements.

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