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Pilates Core & Stretching

Duration: 60 minutes
Equipment required: none/ yoga mat
Home aids: 20D tights or robe belt, 2 Harry Potter books, 2 1/2 liter water bottle

Exercise series containing Strengthening and Stretching elements based on your own body weight Pilates basics.

The Pilates Core training:

trains the supporting muscles that ensure the body's stability,

and the motor muscles, which are responsible for the targeted movement of the arms and legs!

Muscles trained with Pilates and Core training bring relief to the whole body, back problems can disappear, the mind rests, and stress is reduced!
Pilates Stretching: special stretching exercises. The static and dynamic versions of the poses covering a wide range of motion help metabolism, circulation, and preservation of myofascial flexibility for the entire body.

It strengthens the deep muscles, develops the sense of balance and the nervous system. 

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