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Hammock is small

Many questions arise when we want to buy a hammock for home use, we have prepared a summary that will help you decide which hammock or device is worth buying for home or professional use.

The first and most important aspect is safety! When buying aerial gymnastics equipment, this should be the primary consideration:

Does it comply with safety regulations?
Does the given product and the related accessories (karabiner, daisy chain/straps) have certification and a safety data sheet?

Does it meet the requirements? (standard size, material composition, load capacity, etc.)

Ceiling fixing? How should I pay attention?

You need to find out what the slab is like, and accordingly you need to purchase the ceiling fixing element, dowel
Our recommendation: swing hooks with closed sections can usually be found in larger DIY stores

Main aspects:
Load capacity, minimum 150 kg/pc

It will be drilled by a competent person, always keep in mind that safety is the most important thing, since we are hanging upside down.

One-point or two-point suspension?

It is worth using a 2-point suspension, if we want to be able to hook it to a one-point suspension.
A 2-point suspension is always required below a ceiling height of 3 meters

The distance between the 2 points should be between 40-50 cm

How much space do I need?

A circle with a diameter of at least 2 meters is required, the center of which is in the line of suspension.

Which hammock should I choose? Why is which package good?
For an interior height of less than 3 meters, the Basic Package, which contains 1 hammock and 2 safety carabiners, is sufficient. In the evening of the basic package, however, I can adjust the height by tying the hammock. 


For indoor heights above 3 meters, or for outdoor use, the Straps Package is absolutely necessary, which includes 1 hammock, 2 safety carabiners and 2 daisy chain straps. I adjust the height with the so-called straps, I hook the carabiner into the given loop for the desired height.
Advantages: Convenient, safe and simpler.


Tying and hanging a hammock?


Cleaning and maintenance, how?

In the washing machine, without fabric softener at 30 degrees.

Remove the carabiners from it
It is strictly forbidden to remove the so-called safety strap cable tie or rubber ring from the end of the hammock 2, after washing it must be checked whether it has not moved.

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