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Air Yoga Neck hammock Training


Neck pain is a common problem, it does not only affect those who do sedentary work!

Neck pain caused by the technique can lead to long-term problems, such as SMS neck.


If we observe ourselves how many hours a day we spend   looking at different mobile devices with our heads down, we get a shocking result, we spend several hours a day without realizing it.  Meanwhile, this it's like carrying a twenty-kilo bag around our neck all the time.
The curve of the spine changes significantly from prolonged hunching in this posture. Instead of the double S shape, which promotes flexibility, our spine forms a letter C. This not only puts an extra burden on our waists, but also puts a staggering amount of extra weight on our necks.
Tilting the head at an angle of 60 degrees while looking at the phone screen puts a pressure equivalent to almost 30 kilograms on the cervical spine, and the more we tilt our head forward, the greater this extra burden is.

Drastic overload leads to spinal deformity almost instantly, because the muscles adapt very quickly to the changed posture, then "pull" it and fix the spine in the changed position. All of this almost naturally leads to frequent headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness, pain, and serious spinal damage (calcification, cartilage wear, disc herniation, etc.). 

The pain can be caused by incorrect posture, but it can also be the result of stress. Even before we think that only us adults are affected, this bad posture can also be observed in the case of most teenagers, which is easy to get used to and we don't even notice it.


What is Air Yoga Neck Hammock Training?

During the relax spine classes, we perform a 10-minute neck exercise using the hammock.


Supporting the hammock   reduces the load on the neck, and we can move the cervical vertebrae without strain and safely.


It is not only a series of exercises suitable for pain relief and rehabilitation, it is also suitable for athletes, as it enhances regeneration.


We also use dinner cushions and yoga bricks as additional tools.


The Air Yoga cervical vertebra exercise is included in the Aerial Spine Training class, the exercise series is performed at the beginning of the class on 10 percebes, then we continue the class by moving the entire spine from top to bottom.

You can read more about the Aerial Spine Yoga class here: ››


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Monday 5:30 p.m
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