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Aerial FLOW

The expression "flow" indicates a possible path to happiness, a state when we are completely immersed in what we are doing, and even the perception of space and time ceases. By coordinating breathing and movement, we are able to consciously stay in our center and thus stay in the present. As a gift of this, we can gain access to our own inner strength, expand our consciousness, and get to know our own abilities and limits better. Through conscious practice, we will more easily accept change in our lives, we will not dwell on the events of the past, we will not worry about the future, but we will accept the gifts of the present with life-affirming curiosity, thus creating our inner peace and harmony in our lives.

The flow helps the practice, takes you from one movement to another, helps to coordinate the movement with the breathing.

This class moves the entire body, makes the spine healthy and flexible, and strengthens the muscles throughout the body from head to toe. While it gently moves you, it also provides flexibility and preparedness, so in any stressful situation, be it physical, like when you stumble, or mental, like when you have to give a presentation, it helps you stand your ground. It ensures a confident stance through our body, correct posture and greater endurance.

On these occasions, we practice light series based on the asanas learned and mastered correctly in the Air Yoga class.
We try to work in the air as much as possible and hold some poses for 5-7 breaths.
Following the dynamism of our breathing, we build the series that move the entire body.
The focus is on strengthening the nervous system and our physical body with the help of continuous flow

Guests who are complete beginners cannot join the flow classes, because the basic exercises must be known, only intermediate and advanced level guests!
Each FLOW series consists of 3 consecutive sessions, the series start every 3 weeks: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Participants must attend all three sessions of the series.
Inquire about the starting times at the reception:




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