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Hatha Core Yoga 90 minutes

Duration: 90 minutes
Equipment required: none/ yoga mat
Home aids: 20D Tights or robe-belt, 2 Harry Potter books

"The source of your strength is balance, or peace of mind. But peacefulness does not mean sleepiness! Living in peace means making an alliance with forces instead of fighting against them." 


It is based on the foundations of Hatha yoga and consists of 33 asanas and breathing exercises.

Traditional hatha yoga is a complete system that, in addition to physical exercises ("cleansing procedures", postures and breathing exercises), also includes mental training, i.e. different degrees of meditation.

 This is recommended for beginners in all respects. It's usually orders of magnitude easier than a dynamic yoga class. In the classes, the positions are held for several breaths, so the exercises are easier to learn, and there is enough time for correction. Practicing is also safer, as there is a greater risk of injury during movement, and you can stretch yourself more easily. You have time to feel your limits, the point where the practice works really well, when the position is already pleasant and a good experience, but you haven't overstretched yourself, you haven't gone beyond your limits. This is much more difficult when moving. And if we look at the mental effects, such a class reduces your stress level, relaxes you, and makes you more accepting and calm in the long run.

It develops strength-endurance, flexibility, coordination, and moves the deep and supporting muscles. It offers both men and women the opportunity to relax and develop physical and mental balance

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