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It's nothing but aerial gymnastics, which we do with a hammock.

We build series from the basic exercises learned and mastered correctly in the basic aerial yoga classes, and learn advanced level elements.
We mainly only work in the air, with a longer hammock, sometimes with a precise suspension with a rotating eye.
We prepare choreographies for aerial fitness dance classes.

The apparently light and feminine and spectacular and sexy elements require serious strength. Thus, it is orders of magnitude more difficult than an Air Yoga or Aerial Yoga class.
Throughout the class, we work with our own body weight, and sufficient flexibility can be released to perform each pose. This type of class is available for both beginners and advanced students

Physiological effects:

- similar to Air Yoga, supplemented with the following
- intensively develops strength endurance
- burns fat like any vigorous fitness class
- intensively develops coordination and flexibility
- intensively strengthens the deep, core muscles

What do you bring to class?
- comfortable clothes without zips and other protruding accessories,
- long or 3/4 pants,

- short or long sleeved t-shirt
- water, towel

Join the Aerial Fitness DEMO class for the first time as a complete beginner!

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