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Fitness assessment

Assessing the condition of our clients and periodically re-measuring them allows us to take into account the current state of health and define realistic goals to help in the compilation of the appropriate exercise therapy and training program, and those following the individual exercise program also receive feedback on the appropriateness of their program. 

What do health assessments include?

  • body composition analysis 
    (body weight, body fat %, BMI, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass, etc.)

  • measurement of blood pressure

  • anthropometry, i.e. body circumference measurement

  • motor coordination tests

  • posture analysis

  • strength endurance tasks: at the basic level

  • assessment of flexibility: at the basic level

  • It is possible to:
    polar VO2maxpolar for 5-minute resting heart rate measurement, but this is not included in our basic condition measurement

For combined condition assessments, it is also possible to measure endurance tests.

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