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Stretching MIX - flexibility

It includes several techniques, using body weight or tools (rubber band, yoga brick, strap, etc.) Stretching helps to restore, preserve and develop the flexibility of muscles. As a result of all this, the risk of injury, the chance of muscle fever and the level of the stress hormone (cortisol) in the body decreases. Stretching accelerates regeneration, thus the regenerated elastic muscle is able to exert more force, operate more economically, and move in a greater range of motion than the shortened rigid muscle.

We primarily want to improve our flexibility during these classes. But what is flexibility?
The ability of the joints to move freely through their full range of motion.
The flexibility of a joint depends on the length and tightness of the muscles bridging it, the joint ligaments, the bone ends that make up the joint (joint head, joint groove) and the joint cartilage. Flexibility can be improved by stretching.

Flexibility can be improved mainly with stretching exercises.
Of course, it affects their whole being, not only does it become flexible, but our mind and stress tolerance develop as well. We become more resistant to the everyday turmoil.

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