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Maternity Air Yoga

Air Yoga for Expectant Mothers


The sessions during the pregnancy period include both classic air yoga elements and ground exercises in which the hammock is used to relieve stress.


In Maternity Air Yoga, the asanas do not mean sustained postures, but exercises performed in continuous, easy movement. Taking into account the constantly changing needs of the female body during pregnancy, these are mainly aimed at strengthening the back muscles, maintaining the flexibility of the spine, increasing resting breathing capacity, and making the hip joints flexible. At the same time, these movements have a very important role in achieving and preserving the physical condition of the expectant mother and thus her well-being.


Mastering the easy breathing technique:

The role of special breathing is multifaceted, from learning correct, effortless breathing to simultaneously relaxing the muscles. We use several types of breathing techniques.


Rocking and rocking, relaxation: which also helps physical and mental relaxation, recharge, thinking in positive images, and attunement. Practical experience shows that expectant mothers who cannot sleep properly at home during certain periods of pregnancy can also relax, as the hammock adapts to the shape of the body and provides comfortable support without pressing on the belly.


We can do the usual form of exercise until the 8th week, since we usually don't even know about the baby's arrival at that time, from the 8th to the 12th week. rest is necessary between weeks.

You can participate in the session after the 12th week, unless the doctor orders otherwise, until delivery.

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