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The first step of physiotherapy treatments is the individual locomotor condition assessment. Each time, it begins with questioning the patient, revealing the impact of everyday activities, hobbies, and sports on the locomotor condition, and in the case of existing problems, a medical history and medical diagnosis. During the condition assessment, the goal is to establish a functional diagnosis and map dysfunctions. After the questioning, we continue with a posture analysis, complemented by a manual examination, where we observe the symmetries of the bony structures and soft tissues, then the examination of the active and passive range of motion of the joints, muscle strength, special tests - muscle/nerve extensibility tests, rapid differential diagnostic tests to find the structure causing the dysfunction, functional tests, body mass composition analysis. After mapping the possible problem, we set up a short- and long-term treatment plan, an important part of which is that the individual formulates his own goals. Based on the complex physiotherapy examination, we determine what methods are necessary to improve and eliminate the dysfunction (further information on these can be found in the services section). Depending on the complexity of the locomotor problem, at the end of the condition assessment, physical exercises, ergonomics and lifestyle counseling may already take place. 

What do you bring with you?

  • Comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. (The condition assessment begins in underwear, continuing in comfortable clothing depending on the problem)

  • Documents deemed important for medical anamnesis (possible medical diagnosis, imaging results)



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