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Goulash Lara

Don't want to compete with others, but learn to overcome your own limitations!

What did Aerial Yoga give me?

I have always followed the path of my dreams, which I usually decide, figure out and achieve, thanks to the values I brought from home, my previous sports and the challenges thrown by life.
But through Aerial Yoga, I realized that I am even more capable of things, especially overcoming my fears and letting go! It confirmed even more that I have only one opponent in life whom I want to be better than, and it is none other than myself!
Running alone or triathlon sports taught me to fight, to keep going, but because of my fears, , before air yoga, "I could only run, or hide or swim away."

Air yoga taught me to face fear and let go! Because that's exactly where they stand in the air, waiting face to face in the form of an exercise. "Do I dare to let go?" "Hang upside down? Am I capable of this?”

The answer to everything is Inversion!
You learn to see the world from a different perspective:
Upside down, the world looks different, you notice more things! You realize that what you were afraid of or didn't dare to do is neither so scary nor impossible. Try!

But where did the studios start, where did I start?

I am originally a fitness trainer and Hatha yoga instructor, still at university In 2012, I started working as a personal trainer, fitness trainer and yoga instructor in the 11th district.
I started in November 2014 at the Baross Health Center, which is a center dealing with musculoskeletal rehabilitation and recreation.
In addition to developing the entire profile, as a director until March 2017, managing the center was also one of my daily tasks, and in addition, I held group classes and personal training sessions. Because of the center, I started dealing with complaints caused by sedentary work very early on,   to approach my training and group classes from a preventive point of view, where the focus was on maintaining flexibility and a healthy spine. 

I like and enjoy doing extreme sports in my spare time, I want to try as many new sports as possible, thereby expanding my knowledge and experience, so I got to know aerial yoga in 2014, for which I obtained an instructor and later a master instructor qualification in Germany. Since then, I have taken part in a lot of further training, the world of aerial sports captivates me, like anything else, it is also a lifelong learning.

In 2015, I started teaching Aerial Yoga at the Baross Health Center 4 times a week at the request of my guests in addition to my other group classes. At that time, aerial yoga or aerial gymnastics did not really exist in this form in Hungary. I can say that I was the first to start promoting the sport. 

It doesn't matter if it's late, I've always dreamed of having my own gym, after I passed my exam as a master instructor, I decided to start building my own domestic brand in 2016
inton, in the center of Budapest, my classes and personal training started under my own organization, Aerial Yoga Hungary was established: I opened my first yoga studio in the 6th district near Deák tér. At the same time, my aerial yoga training courses also started, which also meant the creation of the first self-written textbook in Hungarian.
After that, there was no stopping, year after year we continuously expanded my knowledge in aerial sports and introduced new and new equipment to the studios: Aerial Silk, Fitness, Karika and many others.


Another major milestone followed in 2018, choosing a new direction and adding color to the studio's classes: Yoga Wheel  i.e. yoga wheel, Yoga Wheel Hungary was founded, which is the official representative of the yoga wheel trend. More information:

In 2019, the Aerial Sports Academy was established, which not only meant a new location in addition to the previous ones, but also the establishment of our sports association. We are currently waiting for those who want to hang out in 2 studios in Budapest. 

And in 2020, my little son was born, thanks to him, I started to expand my knowledge of sports with the knowledge of sports after childbirth. I completed an Aerial Maternity Yoga and an Aerial Recovery - postpartum regeneration course. These classes are already available in the studio.

In 2021, I introduced a completely self-developed approach to the studio, and this is Aerial Pilates, which is practically a combination of ground and mechanical pilates. In accordance with the goal, I transformed a hammock type into a self-developed device with unique related accessories._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

My sports background:
I have been doing sports on a daily basis since I was a child:
I gained experience in RSG, swimming, skiing and snowboarding, and triathlon sports.

Currently playing sports:
Aerial Sports, i.e. aerial gymnastics and aerial yoga
above all, we can say that I am a lover of endurance sports, running, swimming, cycling in any quantity and form, although I only practice these now as a hobby.

I believe that we can achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body not only through exercise, it is necessary to find/develop a sense of well-being and a suitable self-image. First of all, we have to love and accept ourselves.

I think that personal training, individual or group sessions are not about the 1-2 hours spent in the room, I believe that a trainer/instructor can give the guest a "new life style", which hopefully lasts a lifetime._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It is not enough to just start moving, you need to regulate your diet, but if we make changes to it, we also need to reorganize our daily rhythm and so on. In the end, we get to the point that everything should be changed, so we leave it and give up after 1-2 weeks, because we can't put order in the chaos. I think a coach's job is to help you get things in order, which goes from the gym to everyday life in small steps.
It is not difficult to get started, but to maintain your interest, which will start you again and again on the path of a conscious healthy lifestyle. We ourselves know that sometimes the easier way is the more attractive, even if we know that it does not bring the desired result.
Attitudes and entrenched habits must be changed, this is a challenge for me, my goal is not only that the guests I train look better, but that they are able to create a complex, effective and conscious healthy life for them in most areas of life, in which physical exercise plays a central role weekly regularly.

My professional competence:
Budapest Corvinus University- KTK-EE 
Fitness Company Bodybuilder and Fitness Trainer,
Personal Trainer
Hatha Yoga instructor 200 hours

Further training courses:
Indoor Cycling instructor

Running Technique course
Functional trainer
MAX training instructor
Lifestyle consultant
Functional Fascia Training
Manual Neurodynamics Fascia organization - JUDIT KONDOR

BEMER therapy
AIR YOGA trainer - BFC LA

AERIAL YOGA master trainer BFC LA
Aerial Silk instructor BFC LA
AIR Fitness trainer BFC LA

Aerial Physique 

Aerial Prenatal Yoga - AYW
Aerial Recovery  - AYW

Yoga Wheel instructor Level 1,2,3 - YOGA WHEEL 
Spine and Yoga - Máté Bene
Advanced Spine Workshop - Máté Bene
NMPT - Máté Bene

Pilates Instructor Fitness Company

Spoken languages:

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