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Air Yoga Interval - Tabata

Improve your stamina in the air! 
A vigorous interval training, where the focus is on endurance development and fat burning.
Own body weight training, in which we perform the tasks consisting of short sections with the help of the hammock. Calorie demanding class, burnable calories: 600-1000 kcal.
No prior training is required, we welcome anyone regardless of age or gender!



Among the interval training, you can learn about TABATA training (more about TABATA),this form of training consists of two phases per task type: 20 seconds of movement and 10 seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated 8 times, after warming up, 8-10 types of exercises, then stretching at the end of the class, since air yoga hammocks are used as the only tool, the end of the class ends with a short couple of minutes of meditation in the hammock :)

Effective fat burner?
One of the most effective forms of aerobic exercise for burning fat is interval training. It keeps the metabolism going even hours after the workout, so the fat-burning effect lasts long after the workout, to put it simply.


According to a research, Interval training increases the resting metabolic rate of the body. This is due to the fact that our body's oxygen consumption increases after training - in the case of HIIT training, to such an extent that the metabolism spins for 24 hours after the training!


In addition, it also increases the maximum oxygen consumption significantly, much more than low-intensity, monotonous aerobic training. In the case of a traditional, low-intensity aerobic workout, the use of fat as energy only occurs around the 30th minute of training. In the case of the interval, this can be done much earlier, so even during training we can burn a significantly larger amount of fat as energy. Interval training also helps reduce insulin resistance and improves the insulin sensitivity of muscle cells.


Am I losing muscle at this high intensity?
the answer is NO! because in the case of the interval, due to the nature of the training, the fast-twitch muscle fibers also work during the training, but only for a short time - these muscle fibers are also used during weight training.


The form of movement results in two things: on the one hand, we burn more calories during the "sprints" than in the case of monotonous training, and on the other hand, since the sprints last quite a short time, we do not have to worry about the risk of muscle breakdown (at least not to the extent of a hard in the case of cardio training, e.g. spinning, etc.). on the contrary, this type of training helps to minimize catabolism as well.

What happens during training? High-intensity exercises, mostly with your own body weight, are preferred during training, which develop both stabilization and movement coordination. We call on only one tool, which is none other than the air yoga hammock.
This is the place for everyone who is looking for variety, likes challenges and doesn't shy away if his body burns with a pleasant muscle fever the next day!

suitable training clothes, recommended 3/4 or long pants, 
towel, water

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