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Air Jump - Bungee Workout

Air Jump, otherwise known as Bungee Workout, is nothing but a dance-like workout with the help of a strap, a rubber rope and air.
A fast-paced dynamic class where we literally soar in the air. One end of the rubber rope is attached to the ceiling and the other end to the waist belt.

The trend started in Bangkok, but has now reached Europe from the USA and we decided in 2017 to get involved in Budapest as well. This is how the Air Jump Bungee Workout Budapest started.

The strong rubber rope provides assistance and makes the execution of tasks enjoyable at the same time. Develops movement coordination, strength endurance, sense of rhythm, particularly high stress-relieving effect. It does not require prior training.


The rubber ropes are given to the guests according to the kilogram of their body weight, so that the appropriate resistance is ensured. The Rubber Rope is 120 cm long, with a special carabiner and strap designed for proper safety.

Other suspensions are already well known from our Air Yoga or Aerial Fitness classes.

In the lessons, we learn short, easy-to-learn, dance-like musical choreographies, which we repeat several times. Actually, we are talking about a half-length aerial dance.

Super good atmosphere and a fast dynamic form of training. During training, you get tired without even noticing it :)

What do you bring to class?
Comfortable, zip-lock clothing without other protruding accessories
preferably long or 3/4 pants,
short or long sleeved t-shirt.
Water, Towel
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