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Aerial Technik

Accurate and clean technique is extremely important in aerial gymnastics. We cannot perform certain exercises without knowing and implementing the exact basics. 

That's why we created the Aerial Technique class, which is for both beginners and advanced students. We put together the classes focusing on two devices: Aerial Technik Silk and Hammock


The lesson consists of the following parts:

Sport-specific ground exercises
Sport Specific strengthening and stretching exercises with the given device

Hand and foot positions, posing


It is broken down into small elements of each element, so that possible errors can be easily corrected.
In the class, the beautiful and spectacular poses are relegated to the background, we focus on the details, so we can say that in this class it is not the goal that is important, but the path leading to it. 

Aerial Technik  Silk Monday 17:30 Dohány Street
Aerial Technik Hammock Thursday 17:30 Bajcsy






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