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Aerial silk


At Aerial Silk, also known as tissue  aerial gymnastics classes, we perform exercises consisting of acrobatic elements on a long, minimum 12-16 meter "silk" ribbon. 

The apparently light and feminine and spectacular elements require serious strength.
Thus, it is orders of magnitude heavier than an Aerial Yoga or Aerial Fitness class or any other aerial exercise equipment. 

Throughout the lessons, we work with our own body weight, and to perform each pose, it is essential to have the appropriate flexibility. Therefore, at the beginning of the lessons, we perform sport-specific strengthening and stretching exercises as part of a longer sport-specific warm-up.
It not only physically uses our body, in many cases the 4 limbs work in different directions at the same time, thus putting our nervous system to the test. Our groups are available at different levels. 

But the first time it can be difficult for a beginner to follow even the basic techniques, that's why we created itAerial Silk DEMOour group, those who want to get to know this beautiful sport can join this group as complete beginners at any time. 
It usually takes 2-3 sessions in the DEMO group for a complete beginner to start learning the basic techniques. 

In the DEMO group, complete beginners learn basic climbing techniques, tying techniques, basic knives and pull-ups. 
How long does it take to attend a DEMO group?
It varies from individual to individual, depends on individual conditional abilities, number of hours per week, and dedication. On average, after 10-12 sessions, you can move on to our beginner-intermediate group. 


The structure of the lesson is as follows:
90 minutes of which:

30 minutes of sport-specific warm-up, stretching, strength-endurance development
60 minutes of aerial gymnastics elements and connections

Individual or couple personal training is also possible.

We welcome both beginners and advanced students in our classes!

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