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Aerial Silk instructor training
ASA Level I 

200-hour Aerial Silk training course: ASA level I.
The training consists of 3 levels, each level requires 1 year of practical time before someone can apply for the next level.
The prerequisite for level I is at least 1 year of aerial silks experience and successful practical admission.
Adult training registration number: B/2020/002933


Start date of next training:September 2023  18.

Those with a state-recognized coaching qualification can take part in the training:
Designation of FEOR: Manager of fitness and recreation programs. 
FEOR number: 3722


Maximum number of training participants: 10 people


Professional prerequisite for application:


- A copy of the document certifying graduation

(Ongoing studies are subject to discussion, a certificate from the given institution is required. The original certificates will be checked at the time of enrolment)

- medical eligibility: coach, sports instructor


The course consists of online e-learning and classroom instruction.

International topics and study material, Hungarian language textbook and educational materials.


Maximum number of training participants: 10 people


Professional prerequisite for application:

- At least 1 year of aerial silk experience

- Successful practical entrance exam (presentation of a predetermined practical sequence)

- graduation

- OKJ sports instructor or aerobics/fitness instructor/sports coaching qualification and/or advanced specialist qualification

(Ongoing studies are subject to discussion, a certificate from the given institution is required. 

- medical eligibility: coach, sports instructor


Course fee: HUF 350,000 gross

The course material includes the exam fee,

50 hours of practical training

10 hours of hospitalization

A textbook in Hungarian

Examination fee

Payment deadline:

August 31, 2023

Installment payment:

in 3 installments

I. installment HUF 100,000

II. installment HUF 100,000

III. installment HUF 150,000


Application deadline:August 31, 2023


- Photo resume

- Cover letter

- At the agreed time of practical admission, we will send you a video guide by email about the admission practice sequence.

- Personal conversation, at an agreed time

(In the case of rural residents, it is possible to present the admission practice series and conduct the personal interview on a live online channel)


by email:


Duration of training:

140 hours of online theoretical education + E-learning exam modules

60 hours of mandatory practical training


Training dates:

Online E-learning education:

September 1 - October 15, 2023.

Practical training:  8 days
October 19-22, 2023. and 26-29.
We reserve the right to make changes.


E-learning education provides the participants in the training with the opportunity to learn the training material consisting of 30 modules according to their own schedule. At the end of each module, the student can proceed to the next module by completing a short test.


E-learning educational materials:

text textbook, with illustrations

instructional videos

A test of 5-10 questions per module


Why is it necessary to complete online modules and write tests?

- because the future instructors who come to the practical training can already speak a "common language" by starting the practical training, it provides more effective training and more time is left for the practical training.

We reserve the right to make changes.


The prerequisite for the practical training is the successful completion of the end-of-module test, which is not the same as the written exam.

Training topics: 150 hours of theory + 50 hours of practical training

- Introduction to the world of Aerial Silk, sports story

- Aerial Silk Anatomy

- Sport-specific First Aid

- Aerial Silk Basics Level I

- Aerial Silk Level I exercises

- Aerial Silk additional training: Sport specific Stretching and Strengthening
- Compilation of Aerial Silk choreography Level I
- Aerial Silk individual and group training



Expected written exam:October 29, 2023

Oral, practical exam:October 29, 2023

We reserve the right to make changes.


The condition for completing a successful instructor course is 100% participation in practical classes, a successful exam, in addition to this, the instructor candidate must attend at least 10  classes, which must be verified. The cost of these 10 hours is included in the tuition fee.


Exam requirements: The final exam can be considered successful from 70% both in writing and in practice.


We provide the best performing instructors with the opportunity to join the Aerial Yoga Hungary team as an instructor in our existing and newly opened rooms.

Make-up exam: within a semester, but can be repeated a maximum of 2 times, the fee for this is HUF 19,990.

Training organizer:
Aerial Sports Academy


Qualification available:
Aerial Silk instructor ASA level I

Training leader:

Goulash Lara 

Certified Aerial Silk instructor
"I started teaching the sport in 2016, and since then I have been continuously training myself, I participated in several international trainings before I created my own training.
At the training, I will provide you with accurate and precise teaching material, which has been compiled according to the latest trends, including the most important information for you, so that you can become a successful instructor!"



subject: Aerial Silk instructor training

Photo CV

Cover letter


Application deadline:

August 31, 2023


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