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Scribanek Hanna

I am Hanna Skribanek, I am currently 18 years old, this is my last year in high school.

Sport has always been a part of my life and I loved to exercise. I tried a lot of things (acrobatic rock and roll, basket, Latin dance). In the spring of 2021, I started working at Aerial Yoga Studios as a receptionist, I was always amazed at how strong and flexible people were and I honestly admit that I was even a little envious.

I didn't even dare to attend a class until summer. I finally gathered all my courage to do it in the summer, and I didn't regret it.... I immediately fell in love and had to realize that my fear was unfounded, as there are all levels here and everyone can still improve, and the goal is to knock down our own walls. I started going to training sessions every day, as I attended more and more classes, I had to realize that I wanted to do this more seriously.

I considered myself incredibly lucky when Lara offered me to join this year's instructor training and of course I joined with the greatest enthusiasm.

I would like as many people as possible to realize that this sport is not an unattainable dream at all, which we mostly see on insta posts.

I look forward to seeing you all at my fitness, interval and yoga classes, and I hope to see more and more classes

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