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Aerial Silk green
12 yard i.e. 11 m long
Recommended up to an interior height of 3.60 m

Package contents

  • 2  db  carabiner Screw-Lock Stainless Steel Carabiners (CE & EN Certified) load capacity 25KN (5620LBF)

  • 1 pc 8-shaped threading eye Figure Eight (Descender): made of High-Quality Aluminum, load capacity 32KN (7194LBF)

  • 1 pc Swivel (Gimbal) made of High-Quality Aluminum (EN Certified) load capacity to 30KN (6744LBF)

  • 1 height-adjustable daisy chain for hanging
  • 1 piece of premium, heavy duty 11 meter long nylon silk 

    It is also possible to order longer silk, please contact us on the following phone number: 06306508277
    the interior heights are given in feet, the length of the silk in yards:
    10-foot ceiling height = purchase 9 yards of fabric.
    12-foot ceiling height = purchase 10 yards of fabric.
    15-foot ceiling height = purchase 12 yards of fabric.
    20-foot ceiling height = purchase 15 yards of fabric


  • The prices are gross prices, the products in the basket include VAT! Delivery time, 5-30 working days after payment of the balance.

Aerial Silk set 11m

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