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Márton Fanni

I visited a fascia therapist in 2020 for personal issues. As a result of the many sittings and stress, I had to face health problems, primarily musculoskeletal problems, due to office work, which many of us struggle with in the world. After that, a new era began in my life. I became interested in the field, which attracted me and almost overnight I realized that I wanted to help others with this, and then I applied for the training. I would like to help those with problems similar to mine, or if the use of therapy becomes necessary due to another illness. I am also waiting for guests who want to recharge physically and mentally with a relaxing, therapeutic Swedish massage with aromatic oil or cream during stressful weekdays. After acquiring the basic knowledge, I continuously expand and develop my knowledge so that I can help with massage therapy as complex as possible. I consider the regeneration possibilities offered by massage and other manual and movement therapies to be important. I want to help my guest who comes to me to the best of my ability; with Swedish massage with a fascial approach, therapeutic massage, passive stretching, kinesio tape, and trigger point treatment.

Massage types:

Refreshing regenerating massage 30' (waist, back, neck-shoulder girdle) HUF 5,000

Refreshing regenerating massage 60' (waist, back, neck-shoulder girdle) HUF 8,000

Refreshing regenerating massage 90' (full body) HUF 12,000

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Pouring Massage Oil
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