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Which class should I choose?
Aerial gymnastics level system

Which class should I choose as a complete beginner or if I'm just starting out?

You can choose from the following types of classes as a complete beginner and/or if you are just coming to our studio for the first time.
Anyone can start aerial yoga, stretching, stamina development classes at any time, in the case of Aerial Fitness, Aerial HOOP and Aerial Silk, DEMO classes can be joined for the first time.

Aerial yoga classes and stretching

Aerial Yoga
Aerial Spine Yoga
Yoga wheel

Stamina development

Aerial Pilates
Aerial Interval

Aerial Hammock Technique

Aerial Silk Technique

Aerial gymnastics lessons

Aerial Fitness DEMO
Aerial Silk DEMO


DEMO classes
Guests who are complete beginners and/or those visiting us for the very first time can join the "DEMO" class.
It depends on the given guest when they can move on to the next group, i.e. the BEGINNER group, then to the "INTERMEDIATE" and "ADVANCED" level lessons, this is approved by the given instructor using the level assessment.
In demo classes, we take only the basic necessary exercises each time, together with the development of sports strength, endurance and flexibility. 

DEMO CLASS Typical exercises
Aerial SILK DEMO:footlocks, climbing, inversion straddle, cross back straddle + sports endurance and flexibility development.
Aerial Fitness DEMO:basic inverse, thigh hanging preparatory exercises, splayed rollover preparatory exercises + together with the development of sports strength endurance and flexibility.

Aerial HOOP DEMO: Climbing, basic grips, knee and thigh tucks, blade + along with the development of sports strength, endurance and flexibility.

Technical classes
A conditioning class recommended for all levels In aerial gymnastics, precise and clean technique is extremely important. We cannot perform certain exercises without knowing and performing the exact basics.  That's why we created the Aerial Technique class, which is for both beginners and advanced students. We put together the classes focusing on two devices: Aerial Technik Silk and Hammock  
The lesson consists of the following parts: Sport-specific ground exercises Sport-specific strengthening and stretching exercises with the given equipment Hand and foot positions, posing   Each element is broken down into small elements, so any mistakes can be easily corrected. In the class, the beautiful and spectacular poses are relegated to the background, we focus on the details, so we can say that in this class it is not the goal that is important, but the path leading to it. 

Aerial Level

  • In order to provide efficient and successful classes, the aerial gymnastics level system is introduced.

  • We will use measurable, performance-based grading in Aerial Silk and Fitness classes.

  • Everyone can measure their own performance and development :)

  • To join the given level, you must be able to perform the tasks independently and present them to the given instructor.

  • That is, the person can only join the given class if he can meet the given required level

  • For guests who are complete beginners

  • The level system only applies to aerial gymnastics classes, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Pilates, Aerial Spine Yoga, Aerial Interval classes are open to anyone, even complete beginners can join for the first time. 

  • Guests who are completely new to aerial gymnastics classes and who visit us for the first time can join the Aerial Fitness DEMO, Aerial HOOP DEMO, or Aerial Silk DEMO classes

How is the level assessment carried out?

  • You must attend the class at the given level at least 6 times, after which the level assessment is possible.

  • It is not possible after fewer sessions, and the number of sessions is endless, so if someone wants to spend, for example, 20 hours in a DEMO class, they can do so without any restrictions. 

  • The given guest indicates in the class that he would like to present the exercises necessary for the next level, after warming up, it is possible to present the tasks belonging to the given level in each class. In the coming weeks, we will go through the exercise sequences for the level together.

  • Each level entrant must be able to present the series of exercises belonging to the level, and must also know the exercises of previous levels. 

  • If someone does not want to present it in front of everyone in a group class, it is possible to have individual classes during personal training sessions. 


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