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lifestyle counseling

Lifestyle change is a very fashionable topic these days.

Let's change our_habits, lifestyle, nutrition, and preserve our health. Every day, we come across dozens of campaign announcements, books, articles, and reports that call attention to the role of a healthy lifestyle, conscious nutrition, and regular exercise.

The first step on the road to success is the right motivation.
Everyone is motivated by something else, beauty, health preservation, or the coercive force of an already known disease. Find us, what is ready for change? What is our motivation?

The question is then simple: HOW?

It is not enough to just start moving, you need to regulate your diet, but if we make changes to it, we also need to reorganize our daily rhythm and so on. In the end, we get to the point that everything should be changed, so we leave it and give up after 1-2 weeks, because we can't put order in the chaos. I think a coach's job is to help you get things in order, which goes from the gym to the "bedroom" in small steps. It is not difficult to get started, but to maintain your interest, which will start you again and again on the path of a conscious healthy lifestyle. We ourselves know that sometimes the easier way is the more attractive, even if we know that it does not bring the desired result. Attitudes and entrenched habits must be changed, this is a challenge for me, my goal is not only that the guests I train look better, but that they are able to create a complex, effective and conscious healthy life for them in most areas of life, in which physical exercise plays a central role weekly regularly.

In vain, it may sound cliche, but it's TRUE:

We must dare to live and live our dreams:

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