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Aerial Physio Back Exercise


Aerial Physio Backbone 


Modern movement therapy: this type of watch is especially recommended for people with spinal problems or back/lower back pain.
The basic Air Yoga classes strengthen your core muscles, help with mobility, and increase flexibility with the help of prevention and rehabilitation elements.
This type of class is even more so: a slow, stretching, especially rehabilitation version of air yoga, so it is also recommended for those who are looking for a more varied form of exercise after physical therapy. This approach is perfect for those with a lower fitness level or those who prefer a slower, more meditative type of class.
It does not require greater strength endurance, beginners and those with a sedentary lifestyle can also join this class.

What makes this Aerial Spine Yoga class different from others?


We compiled it specifically on the basis of further training in spine therapy, with the involvement of a physiotherapist.

The exercises are arranged in the following blocks in class:
- offsetting damage caused by sedentary work
- segmental stretching and moving of the cervical and dorsal spine

- segmental strengthening of trunk muscles

- trunk stabilization exercises

- stretching and moving the whole body

- relaxation

The hammock is placed barely 30 cm from the ground.
In these classes, the primary task is to relieve stress, which is interspersed with active/passive stretching.
It plays a central role in mobilizing the spine, stretching the entire spine, hips and connective tissues.

The tight muscles are loosened with stretching exercises combined with relaxation, in which the positive physiological effects of swinging are used in various forms:
Sitting, standing, lying on your back/stomach, of course, all this in the hammock.


Rhythmic movement helps to overcome anxieties, fears and tensions, thanks to which we can relax. 

Swinging plays an essential role in the development of a proper sense of balance, spatial perception, sense of rhythm, movement coordination and fine motor movements.

Development results from the body's constant search for balance while swinging, which consists of tensing certain muscles and at the same time relaxing other muscles. In this process, our body constantly coordinates the complex work of smaller and smaller muscle groups.

Who do we recommend this watch to?
For everyone who does sedentary work, regardless of age or gender!
Let's think about our day: We sit at work, in the car, on the bus, in front of the TV, at breakfast... An average person today spends more than half of his day sitting - in a static position that barely moves. And if we are not sitting, then we do something in front of us, mostly leaning forward. (e.g. washing dishes, brushing teeth, etc...) 
The harmful effect of this sedentary lifestyle first hits our spine, it is almost impossible to meet a person who does not complain about neck, back or waist pain. Not to mention the additional damage caused by sedentary work.



Recommended clothing:
long or 3/4 pants

minimum short-sleeved T-shirt, recommended long-sleeved top

sandals or non-slip socks, yoga shoes


clock structure:
60 minutes

5 minutes Hammock settings
45 minutes of practice sessions
10 minutes of meditation


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